How to Become a Successful Freelance Christian Writer

If you enjoy writing Christian articles and blogs then you might want to give freelance writing jobs a try. There are several well-paying writing gigs for private and professional sites, freelance service sites, and online magazines. You can even receive an income by writing study guides, summaries, and more for Christian organizations regularly publishing pieces for their church members and communities. Here are some things you need to know about becoming a successful Christian freelance writer earning money through online resume writing jobs:

  • Understand the Kind of Christian Writer You Are

    If you’re reading this article, then you likely already have realized you have a passion for Christian writing. This is a great start because you can now narrow down your interests towards specific types of assignments. You want to leverage your areas of expertise and areas of interest towards creating high impact bid proposals that land you higher-paying writing or editing jobs.

  • Collect Your Previous Articles to Use as Samples

    If you have already written Christian articles or other collateral then you can put them in a small portfolio demonstrating your skills and knowledge. These will help you land your first writing jobs. It also gives you a simple and convenient resource to distribute to potential employers when they ask for samples. Make sure to keep your portfolio updated and customized towards the types of writing assignments you are targeting.

  • Develop Your Writing Skills for an Online Audience

    While you may be writing for a higher-reading audience, you need to keep in mind that most clients offering online writing jobs would like you to write for an online audience. This usually means writing short paragraphs, using clear and direct vocabulary and sentences, and using bullet points and lists to break up information. To learn how to do this, visit an online writing site for free downloadable resources and put in the practice.

  • Learn How to Write Winning Pitches and Proposals

    Your pitches and proposals will play larger roles in winning writing jobs when you start freelancing and have yet to build a strong enough portfolio. You will need to read through each project carefully, summarize your skills and knowledge, and state your terms carefully. Make sure you address the clients’ needs and explain how you can write Christian work that will meet and exceed their specific requirements.

  • Search Leads for Future Article Writing Opportunities

    Finally, as you begin to land writing and editing jobs, ask your clients to provide testimonials or feedback on your work and be sure to search for leads with every successful contract. As you grow your network, you will be able to land more jobs frequently, meaning that you will always be earning the extra income you are looking for.

If anybody could do this then there would be a lot more people joining the gig economy as writers. But it’s certainly a specialized field that requires some well-developed skills and persistence. Keep working on your writing abilities and keep seeking professional resources, such as the ones offered by us, and you will have a much easier time becoming the professional writer you want to become in doing something you absolutely love.