Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

To break into the world of freelance writing jobs successfully without any experience can be tough but not impossible. You can even start your career with a respectable earning if you plan your moves properly. If you are wondering how to achieve this then read on - you are at the right place to start. Here are all the tips, hints and advice you need to start your career at Writers

  1. Know your interests -
  2. Nowadays most of the writing is online i.e. the web. The first step you should consider is to make a list of all the types of freelance writing jobs online.

    • Content writer jobs
    • Tech writer jobs
    • Copywriters
    • Online editing jobs.
    • science writer jobs
    • Academic writing jobs

    The choices and requirements are endless. The best ways to do your research is to Google writing online jobs and select your priorities from the result. Apart from writing you will also find online proofreading jobs if you are interested.

  3. Start writing immediately -
  4. If you have identified your areas of interest, start writing - create your personal blog. This is your launching platform and an effective way of letting people know about your skills. Write freely on the subjects that interests you. Take a note of the responses and modify your style or content accordingly. Writing is a skill which gets better with practice.

  5. Spread the word -
  6. Let people know about your blog and what you are planning to do. Spread the link through social media so that more and more people know about your intention and work. All the connections you make might be fruitful.

  7. Sharpen your skills -
  8. Join an online publishing community or forum. You can work on the community assignments and also submit your own work. This will give you an opportunity to measure and mark yourself in comparison to others. The exposure is also valuable and continuous interaction and dissection in the forum will also help you to learn a few things or revise accordingly in your craft. This will also help you to build your own network as you interact more with fellow writers.

  9. Start on commissioned work -
  10. Look for commissioned work, whatever the amount may be. One source can be the content development sites. They might pay less but writing for different platforms, rules and services will definitely provide you an invaluable experience in understanding what the client wants and what works. This will also expand your network.

  11. Portfolio and the market -
  12. Apart from connections, experience or honing your writing skills, association with forums and content development sites also serve you in two very important ways.

    • You grow a comprehensive knowledge of the market you will be catering to – trends, developments, opportunities, ongoing rate of work and other aspects which will help advance your professional career smoothly.
    • You need a portfolio and these associations can help you with that. Build an online portfolio by providing links of the all the published and commissioned jobs. Your blog will also add to your portfolio but your commissioned and professional writing samples will be more suitable for a big break in the professional online writing job.
  13. Apply for a job -
  14. There are several websites which advertise about writer jobs online. If you are not sure then Google freelance writing jobs Chicago and your screen will pop up with options. Apart from different organizations offering writing jobs, you can also take a more individualistic route and view through the different classifieds sites. here you will find lot of advertisements for freelance writing jobs including copywriters needed or editors wanted posts. You will also find posts for proofreader online jobs.

  15. Expand -
  16. As you start writing professionally, market yourself and your skills. If you are able to serve your client professionally and with the quality they need, your clients and business both will expand. Initially you have to choose between your clients and try to work for someone who will benefit you professionally.

You can opt for a part time vocation as a freelancer or work full time – the choice is up to you. But if you are passionate about writing and can cater to the requirements of your client while maintaining professional obligations and ethics, you will definitely succeed as a freelance writer. Remember to keep these tips in mind and plan your moves carefully.